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Director | ShyBairn Theatre

Like the planet I am trying to save, I am screaming - and you want me to speak of hope?

Amara meets Bridgette at a protest, one of them hippy, green save-the-planet things. She’s just popped out to grab some milk and now she’s late - and there's a flood coming.


‘Burnout’ is ShyBairn Theatre’s latest show written in collaboration with Nicole Acquah, developed with climate activists in the UK and devised by the company.

The show stems from Wretched Of The Earths ‘An Open Letter to Extinction Rebellion’ in 2019 stating, “Greta Thunberg calls world leaders to act by reminding them that “Our house is on fire”. For many of us, the house has been on fire for a long time.”


'Burnout’ tells the story of these people; the working-class & people of colour excluded from mainstream narratives on climate change.​ The show is a call to action for audiences to think about privilege, activism and climate justice.​

'Burnout' was developed at Live Theatre in May 2021 and artsdepot in December 21, kindly funded by Arts Council England.

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