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Assistant Producer | Dante or Die

Log in to Pearls of Fortune, the online slots game that’s caught us all in its net, give yourself a fun name, pick an adorable avatar, and plunge beneath the waves for a few spins. Odds On takes you deep down into the world of online gambling; from that first win, all the way behind the screen to give a game’s-eye view of how your fellow players are really doing. Follow Felicity, a valued customer, and peer beneath the murky depths to see how a cheeky spin can spiral out of control.

Running Time: 40 minutes
Access: Embedded Captioning and Optional Audio Description
Age Guidance: 14+

Content Warning: This film contains gambling (live play, images, sounds & slot simulation) which may be very triggering to people with a gambling addiction or who are in recovery. A full support pack for anyone who may be affected by the issues raised is available here

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