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Producer | Re:Build Arts

Jasmine is street homeless and offers to share her mattress with a 19 year old Tillie who is high on MDMA, missed the last bus home and who can’t stop hiccuping. Jasmine must overcome her addiction so that she can spend the day with her 5 year old daughter who is in long term care. Over the course of one night Jasmine and Tillie work together to build a dolls house and find out that they have more in common than they could have imagined. ​

Written by award winning Louise Monaghan, Mother’s Day is a visceral, tormented and witty exploration of homelessness and motherhood.

Mother’s Day is part of a wider project called REBUILD, where a community of women who have experienced homelessness came together to build dolls houses and discuss notions of ‘home’. This was part of One Festival of Homeless Arts and the houses are on exhibition at Old Diorama Arts Centre.

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