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Director | Co-Producer

Can we really make change?

When recently elected MP Jessica Wiles enters parliament for the first time, she begins to question her ability to make change under the UK's political system. Using physical theatre, spoken word and film, The Surge examines the power of protest and whether individuals can make a difference.

“A great reminder of what can be achieved when people get together to change their world for the better” – Lambeth Green Party

“Central to this reflective play is the idea that protests do actually work. However powerless one may feel, it has been through individuals uniting on the streets that real change has occurred.” Roar News


Greenside Venues, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 

Landor Theatre London 2016

Etcetera Theatre London 2015

King's College London 2015 

Developed at King's College London with The King's Players Drama Society

Surge Fringe trailer
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