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Director | Producer | ShyBairn Theatre

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A truly northern fuck you to the southern elite.​

Two lasses from across the North™ of England take on the stereotypes they are constantly reduced to (with a cuppa tea in hand of course). Southerners, buckle up. Blending comedy and audience interaction with innovative video design and movement, TALK PROPA radically deconstructs the concept of a ‘generic northern accent’.  A spotlight on the intersection of class, accent and gender prejudice against northern women both on and off stage. ​​

Don’t be mardy - see yah there, pet.

TALK PROPA is available to tour from Autumn 2021.


Camden People's Theatre: 17th & 18th January 2020​

VAULT Festival: 11th - 13th February 2020 


Recipient of The CULTIVATE Bursary in Assosciation with COMMON and The Newbury Corn Exchange for VAULT Festival 2020​

Shortlisted for the LET Award in partnership with Greenwich Theatre for Edinburgh Fringe 2020​

Shortlisted for the UNTAPPED Award with New Diorama, Underbelly and Obereon Books for Edinburgh Fringe 2020​

Featured in Lyn Gardner's TOP PICKS for VAULT Festival 2020


Shybairn’s Talk Propa casts a sharp eye on the North/South divide and the dominance of RP pronunciation in British theatre.” - Lyn Gardner, StageDoor, VAULT Festival 2020

“TALK PROPA by ShyBairn Theatre was an absolute DELIGHT! Perfecting the collaborative womxn powerhouse 2 hander to expertly expose southerners’ stereotyping of northern women. Equal parts funny and furore.” - Bechdel Theatre, VAULT Festival 2020

“Talk Propa by ShyBairn Theatre is like getting a massive hug from the motherlands. Resonant, honest and gorgeous, I urge everyone (northern, southern, midlands) to go and revel in its visceral glory!!” - Audience Member, VAULT Festival 2020

“Theatre company ShyBairn created the show that’s a melting pot of comedy! … Talk Propa makes its point immediately and with exceptional clarity: there’s an issue with the way theatre represents Northerners, and there’s a lack of Northern accents on stage.” - The Play’s The Thing, VAULT Festival 2020

“Talk Propa is a fast, often humorous show, with a serious point to make about the negative stereotypes of Northern accents. It’s always fun and it never lost the audience’s attention…” - British Theatre Guide, VAULT Festival 2020



Directed and Produced by Caitlin Evans 

Assistant Producer: Becky Jones

Devised by SHYBAIRN ​

Performed by Rebecca Charlton and Hannah Clifford

Set and Lighting Design by Nic Farr 

Sound Design by Becky Jones

Video Design by Hugo Bainbridge

Movement Direction by Marilena Sitaropoulou​​

With thanks to: Lekhani Chirwa, Niya Hill  and Anna Spearpoint. 

Supported by: The Pleasance, Camden People's Theatre and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

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